Karavan Express


OPENS AT 10:00

Domestic cuisine or international specialties? Eternal dilemma. Traditionally relaxed comfort or modern ambiance? You do not have to choose in this restaurant. You have everything. The only thing that matters is that you come very hungry. And in as largest number as possible. Express gastro ride in spectacular caravan for all generations. And for all kinds of nutrition.

For many people, local specialties are simply the best. Soup beans, stuffed peppers, meatballs in tomato sauce, beef goulash and other well-known ambassadors of Serbia are being prepared here every day. The familiar taste, but quite an urban look attract all those people who did not have the opportunity to indulge in the household aromas. Barbecue, numerous meat specialties and selected fish bring a smile to your face. Guaranteed. Tip: Do not skip the start of the lunch, you will regret if you do not taste great soups and broths.

If you are early and you came to the most popular part of Novi Beograd in the morning, start the day with a quality breakfast. Karavan Express offers even 10 different options for the most important meal. Lovers of Italy, Spain, Asia and completely healthy, vegetarian flavours are not neglected. On the contrary, they are also struggling to decide what to order. If you do not adhere to a special diet that excludes sugar, register in the sweet paradise. The 24 phenomenal desserts eagerly wait for you.

The offer of drinks is equal to the magic of the kitchen. Do not worry, nothing is left to chance here. This is a great place for a relaxing morning ritual, for a brief break during the work, for a serious business lunch, for grandparents who babysit children and for the whole family. A place for absolutely anyone who thinks it is imperative to have a quality diet in a beautiful ambiance.