Where to have a cup of coffee after work

The day starts when the working time is over and the new start is best with coffee and a right company

Thursday 26th of October 2017

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As much as you love your job or you are looking for another one, it's always necessary to have a little fun after completing your business tasks. Coffee is an excellent anti-stress therapy, an energy promoter, an ally in the gossip, and an inevitable drink for creating new plans. Every part of the city is, fortunately, rich in excellent places with quality coffee. It is just a question of whether it is on the route of your daily movements.

1. Moskva Hotel

The zero point of Belgrade in the very center of the city is the perfect choice. It's always a good idea to chat drinking your favorite type of coffee, to follow the main city events, and inevitable cakes will return the lost energy. Here it is best to see how Belgrade is the world metropolis because in the same place the older people come together, those who have just come to the city, foreign businessmen and numerous tourists. Recommendation: homemade coffee served in the traditional manner and cake Moskva snit.

2. Jimmy Woo

Dorcol broadcasts the true beat of Belgrade, and a large number of people visit this part of the city on a daily basis because of good energy. One of the places where you will feel special and appreciated is the famous bar. Excellent coffee, great music and stylish interior for a moment relieve tiredness and send positive vibrations for the rest of the day. You have no obligations tomorrow? You are in the right place because many clubs are a couple of minutes away, so you can prepare for a night out.

3. Laboratorija cafe

Residents of New Belgrade and those who are here every day here for a career have a special bar. The name itself points to the fact that coffee is the basis of a business idea, with the concept being completely different. Innovation, creativity and quality will delight you at the first cup, or more precisely, the tube. A micro universe where childhood dreams and the desire to become a great scientist come true. Interesting fruit mixes, special bottled water and healthy snacks will additionally make your day after work.

4. Friends

Banovo Brdo has always lived its own life, although it is near the city center. A large number of Belgraders love this area which is so close to all important sites, yet separated from crowds. Right here, where Kosutnjak and Ada Ciganlija are a few minutes away, there is a crowded bar in the main street. Friends, friends of friends, couples, families - they all come here to relax and enjoy a great bar with great coffee and positive energy. If you get hungry, try burgers, they are perfect.