The events that have marked 2017

Memorable moments

Thursday 28th of December 2017

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The leaving year was very interesting. When looking back, it seems that there were must-visit events organized in Belgrade every day. Many beautiful and even more beautiful events have marked 2017. A short retrospective begins.

The Museum of Contemporary Art is reopened. It took ten years for the renovation and the big opening took place on 20th October, on the important anniversary of the museum. The exhibition "Sequences. The Art of Yugoslavia and Serbia from the Collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art" attracted great interest. Nearly 40,000 visitors visited the museum during the first seven days of its work. Anyone who says that Belgrade is not the capital of culture - is not informed.

UNESCO included the Serbian kolo (traditional folk dance) into the world's "Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity". At a regular meeting on 7th December, a decision was made to place the traditional national dance among other important carriers of authentic values. As UNESCO defines, "Serbian dance is a collective dance performed by dancers that form a chain between each other and usually move around the circle by holding hands, accompanied by music at private and public gatherings and involving members of the local community."

Sting played in front of 15,000 people on 17th September. The same evening, the Serbian national team fought in the finals of the European Basketball Championship. We won the second place and celebrated the brave game, and the popular British won the fans with "Englishman in New York", "Message in the Bottle", "Shape of My Heart" and other legendary songs.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds organized a spectacle in Belgrade in late October. Crowded "Stark Arena" sang with world known musicians all the time. Fans of the lyrics of "Weeping song", "Into my arms" and "Push the Sky Away" songs will surely remember this 28th October for a long time. For more than two hours, Nick, together with the band, has proven why he is popular around the world.

Football clubs Red Star and Partizan have qualified for the big "Europa League" competition. Great success and congratulations for both clubs. The eagerly awaited "Spring in Europe" finally came true. After a long time, Belgrade will host big clubs. We expect a sporty atmosphere and fantastic cheering.

The musical fountain on Slavija was put into operation in early June. Finally, the Serbian capital has city attractions as the leading European metropolises. You no longer need to travel to Barcelona and enjoy the scenery of a large fountain that changes the colours in the rhythm of music. The Slavija Square is much closer.