April in Belgrade 2018

Thirty special days in the capital - guaranteed enjoyment every day. Read carefully

Sunday 1st of April 2018

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Just like the song, April in Belgrade is evergreen. Now you are definitely convinced that the sun will be in your hair, and the smile will become a compulsory accessory. When the month starts with the Day of Joke, and ends with the preparation for the celebration of the International Workers' Day, it is a sign that the time of enjoyment is coming.

The first week of the most cheerful month begins in Easter holidays, and your creativity in the painting Easter eggs and complete decoration is coming to full expression. It is an opportunity to share with your loved ones the beauty and customs of the greatest Christian holiday. Pay special attention to the youngest because remember when you were little how chocolate bunnies and eggs were important items in a knitted coloured basket carried during the Easter holidays. Still, if you want to have memories in ten years, start creating them immediately.

In the big hall of the Sava Center "Lord of the Dance" are visiting again on 10th April. One of the most famous dance troupes in the world which, since 1998, has won all the dance floors and scenes in the world, is coming to Belgrade with a new dance spectacle. Michael Flatley designed and produced this new programme, so there is no reason to miss this really unusual event.

You are two weeks of spring away from Ireland to China. Again, there is one big cultural event in the Sava Center. Hangzhou Philharmonic Orchestra, the new Chinese cultural wonder, will hold a concert on 25th April. In Belgrade, under the direction of conductor Yang Yang, Ning Feng, the best Chinese violinist, will perform as well. Part of the concert income will be intended to support young musicians and ballet talents in Serbia.

Before you begin to stuff meat for the celebration of the International Workers' Day, it is your turn to properly get tired and earn the delicious snacks of the working holiday. The 31st Belgrade marathon will be held on 21st April. The programme, which traditionally starts in front of the National Assembly, consists of Fun Run with a 5 km long track, Half Marathon (21.1 km) and Marathon (42.195 km). This year, the Belgrade Marathon and its participants are involved in the action "Cancer is curable" aimed at promoting prevention in the treatment of malignant diseases.

Belgrade's April brings one Friday 13th. We will reveal a secret - it will be really awesome! Expect a lot of great parties and top-class entertainment!