City events this weekend: 14 - 15th April 2018

Exhibition, Hand Made Festival and a concert - you can never be bored in Belgrade

Thursday 12th of April 2018

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The 40th Salon of Architecture in the Museum of Applied Art is organized under the slogan "Fields of the Future". There are 106 works that represent different views on architecture for the period of forty-four years since the Salon was founded. At the exhibition you can see an affirmative and activist critique of the current situation from the viewpoint of the exhibitor architect, as well as the public view and new ideas and new fields of architecture. The exhibition will last until 5th May.

Hand Made Festival Vol 13 takes place in a well-known place - Dorcol Platz on 14th April from 11:00. If you are an opponent of globalization or simply enjoy things that are a bit different, this festival is like made for you. It is a real opportunity to treat yourself to something authentic or to give someone a hand made little thing. Welcome to the festival of producers of ordinary and unusual items made by hand with a lot of love.

At the BelExpo Center Robert Pesut better known as Magnifico is performing on 15th April from 20:00. If you not only watched, but listened to films and series "Montevideo, Bog te video!" or "Senke nad Balkanom" then you know whose melodies you whistle all day long. With hit "Pukni zoro" this Slovenian musician became a regional star. The music he describes as retro chic, a combination of Balkan-disco schlager music and jazz, as well as movie hits, but also songs from the album "Charlatan de Balkan" you can hear at the Belgrade concert.