Family restaurants

Where to have lunch with children

Friday 8th of June 2018

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Everything for children. Moments with the whole family are very rare and therefore it is important to be perfect. The satisfaction that only a family can provide is priceless. The youngest members are always the center of attention, and restaurants adapted to children are places where moments together become the best spent time.

Family restaurants in Belgrade do not force you to choose either quality food in a decorated ambiance or children's entertainment. Located in every part of the city, they are founded with the goal to make the whole family enjoy. Children are the most important guests because parents put their needs ahead of their own, and they are those who decide which restaurant to visit. Where the little ones are the most important, there are no tables with sharp edges and slippery floors, ventilation is always on the highest setting and you can walk in without folding strollers. A separate non-smoking area is required by law so that there is no worry about the breathable air.

Larger restaurants have real playgrounds within the building. Slides, swings and other outdoor activities are the best way for children to have fun while adults enjoy food and drink. Entertainment in the restaurant itself means a separate space with children's furniture, colouring books and toys, and in some places an educator or animator is present. For a little older children, Sony PlayStation or Nintendo are available. All in all - real paradise.

The children menu is specially created. When the first factor is fulfilled, which is the uncompromising quality of the food, then the choice of the ideal meal follows. Wise restaurants have a specially designed menu for children that is everything but a boring list of paper. As soon as the chairs for children and children's accessories fit into the whole concept, it becomes clear why there are no tears and refusal of food in these places.

Today's parents have a high awareness of healthy nutrition and insist on organic bites. In Belgrade you will find very easy to find restaurants that serve exclusively portions to which health says thank you. Likewise, there are parents who do not restrict children's enjoyment of their favourite specialties - pasta and pizza. If you belong to this group, Italian restaurants in Belgrade are your zone of family gathering.

When the needs and desires of the youngest are fulfilled, parents, aunts, uncles, grandmas and grandpas can take a break. Restaurants in Belgrade appreciate each guest and understand very well the need for relaxation and enjoyment. Feel free to indulge yourself with Belgrade's gastronomy, your youngest ones already enjoy their game.