Filmstreet 2018

The seventh art under the stars for a great time in the city

Saturday 30th of June 2018

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Watching the best movies in great company in the open? The forgotten habit returns to Belgrade squares, parks and promenades. For the eighth time, Filmstreet started its season with the film "Murder on the Orient Express", and by 11th September, the programme will feature 23 films and three plays.

The best films of world cinematography are screened at city locations such as Tasmajdan, Cvetni trg, Student Park, Rajiceva Shopping Center. At a time when it is in vogue only to watch 3D films, this retro story gathers an increasing number of viewers every year, because after the movies, socializing simply continues. On the repertoire there are films such as The Third Man, Assault on Precinct 13, Gallipoli, but also a movie that has kicked up a dust - Ustav Republike Hrvatske (The Constitution). There are also beautiful "chick flick" honest movies such as My Best Friend's Wedding and Titanic.

The travelling cinema will change popular city zones throughout the summer. Do not waste your time before going on holiday, enjoy fresh air and unexcelled films and plays. Popcorn, breeze, embrace of a loved one - Belgrade like in a movie.