Wine and the city

Special wineries in Belgrade

Friday 15th of June 2018

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Wine, oh wine! White, red or rose - every is favourite one. There are so many known facts about wine, yet there is always something new to learn. Wine is a reason for a conversation, a necessary guest of every celebration, sometimes the best friend and always an inevitable "spice" of a romantic dinner. A drink people always have time for has an 8,000-year-old history. It makes sense to discuss the kinds and tastes of wine as much as football.

The expansion of the wine producers from Serbia has completely changed the wine scene. There are more and more consumers who find their soulmates on the home field. Romance guaranteed. Wherever it comes from, wine is treated the same. It is drunk slowly and with a lot of enjoyment. If there is no other reason, then because of respect for every grape that took a year to mature so that it would get into the glass after production.

Wineries in Belgrade do not follow world trends. They dictate trends. Such a Belgrade winery is Podrum Wine Art in the very center of the city. Information that at this place you can taste almost 300 different wines sounds utterly impressive. Words are less important in comparison to the truly perfect atmosphere created by wine, ambiance and excellent professional staff. Impressive hedonism.

Music and wine are a society that only wants to be. In Jazz basta people live for good wine and perfect jazz. Every day. If it is believed that there is truth in wine, and that the music is healing, then it is clear that the leitmotiv of this unusual wine bar is pure happiness. At the place that has to be visited frequently, each note and every drop of wine are equally important. Savamala is not popular by itself. People come because of places like this and reveal the magic of Belgrade. Note: the taste of wine changes significantly if you drink it in the right company and in the right place.