July in Belgrade in 2018

All of you who come to the city during the longest summer month - welcome to July adventure. All of you who pack suitcases for warmer destination, beware of the sun and come back to Belgrade asap

Saturday 7th of July 2018

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Weather is always the main topic. When it is cold, we want the sun. When it is warm, we want rain. Weather conditions are similar but one thing is certain - Belgrade in July lives in its own rhythm. The pace is slow, everything is done slowly and without haste. The real crowd is in the recently opened National Museum, places for relaxation under the open sky and along the rivers. You know the starting points of good entertainment, however, there is much more going on this month in the city.

Whether Belgium or France will win the trophy or the most valuable football award will be given to another national team, we have nothing left but to wait and see. The final of the World Cup in Russia is on 15th July in Moscow. Luzhniki Stadium is the place where sports spectacle will be held. Someone will be among the 89,310 fans, which is the capacity of the renovated stadium, and someone will watch the match from their own country. Cheer as much as you can and let the best team win.

In the center of music events are domestic performers. Angie Stone welcomed July 2018 with the Belgraders and numerous guests at Kalemegdan with her greatest hits and undeniable talent. As we can see, famous world names will not be visiting us during the summer. They love the sea, too. The situation changes on 7th September, when Bryan Ferry arrives at Stark Arena. Until then, music is listened to under the open sky, exclusively of domestic production. The enchanting Lena Kovacevic performs in the garden of the SKC within the BELEF Festival on 13th July at 21:00. Lena and her musicians have prepared surprises, arrangement refreshments, and on the repertoire will be also songs from Kosovo and Metohija. A completely different night in Belgrade by Lena.

Large city events are the right choice for free moments. Novobeogradske letnje veceri 2018 (Novi Beograd's Summer Evenings 2018), Leto na Gardosu (The Summer at Gardos), Kulturno leto na Paliluli (The Cultural Summer at Palilula) and Bojcinsko kulturno leto (The Bojcin Cultural Summer) offer a rich cultural and artistic programme for all generations. These are events that will last all summer, and in order not to miss the great concerts and performances, check the event calendar.

Pay special attention to the "Dan za limuNadu za Svratiste" event. Please note the date - 14th July and visit one of the numerous places that joined the humanitarian campaign. By purchasing lemonade on one of the designated sites, you directly donate the Children's Home, and they will equip the kids, who spend most of their lives on the streets, for the new school year with the collected money.

Sesirijada 2018 (Hat festival) is ready, nice weather is all it takes so that the carnival of hats can start down the famous Skadarska Street. As you wait for July to shine in full swing, walk hand in hand with your dear person to Skadarlija. The Bohemian quarter in the summer mode is fantastic. Now you know what to do in Belgrade during the summer. Enjoy and let this July be the best ever.