What to do in the city at the weekend

A beer tour, a visit to the museum and a concert - programme for the last days of July you will not say no to

Thursday 26th of July 2018

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A little bit of rain, a little bit of sun, than a round of beer. The right order for the consistent fans of Belgrade and craft beer. Beer tours invite you to find out more in addition to consuming and enjoying the tastes, and to go into the matter of creating the best drink for hot days - beer. On the Zemun Quay, in Crna ovca brewery you will have the opportunity to taste five types of craft beer on 27th July from 18:00 to 21:00. For those who would like to be very good experts, a professional beer taster is also hired who will give you tips what you should pay attention to. People should not drink on an empty stomach, so the hosts made an effort and they will serve home-made sausage with beer.

If you have not gone on vacation yet and your parents babysit your children, "Muzej za bake, deke i unuke" (The Museum for Grandmas, Grandpas and Grandchildren) is the ideal solution to make time pass faster and more beautifully. At the Museum of Vuk and Dositej, every other Friday from 11:00, creative workshops for the youngest are held within this programme. And while children learn something while playing, our oldest fellow citizens can look at some of the serial documentaries that talk about Serbian culture and history. The second part of the documentary series devoted to the life and work of Dositej Obradovic played by famous Rade Markovic is on the programme on Friday, 27th July.

Rock'n'roll in the museum? Why not, especially if it is the Museum of Yugoslavia. The rich rock scene of the former Yugoslavia has all the rights to put Nezni Dalibor band on the programme of The summer in the museum. The band performs on the staircase outside the Museum on Saturday, 28th July from 20:00. This band is from Belgrade, and they became famous because they have created a part of the music scene that was born in the former BIGZ building. They play with sound and explore it, so they have on their side even fans of the psychedelia of the sixties of the last century, but also of contemporary independent scene. They have the experience of performing at major festivals such as Exit, Terraneo, Taxirat, Bedem, Glimps, Waves.