The most famous gardens in the city

The restaurants that serve pure hedonism along with perfect food and drink

Friday 31st of August 2018

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Idyll called Belgrade is known throughout the world for top catering. Excellent Serbian specialties, pizza and pasta that are hard to find in native Italy, excellent sushi, best quality fish and everything you can imagine is available in Belgrade restaurants, in the perfect edition. It is equally important where you enjoy. Until the first autumn rain, the gardens are the hot spots in the city. There is not one, but three gardens in Belgrade where every minute spent is spectacular.

The popular Beton Hall is especially popular in the summer. News, plans, secrets and actions are being reported near the river in accordance with modern city rituals. As you summarize the impressions of the adventures in the summer 2018, make yourself comfortable in the garden of a restaurant that has joined the whole world at the same address. Ambar. Modern and traditional. Relaxed and solemn. For every day and the most important dates. Garden where there is a view of the Belgrade paradise - the Danube River. The atmosphere is always ideal, whether you came with an important occasion or by chance. If you need a sweet reason, cremeschnitte by Ambar is the best excuse for enjoying this part of the city.

An unusually relaxing location hidden in the center of Vracar is the garden of the restaurant Mala Fabrika Ukusa. Literally isolated from everything that disturbs relaxation and natural regime. Below the sumptuous crowns, facing the landscaped greenery, this address is an absolute favourite for waking up with coffee and French toast, but also for a romantic dinner. Do not worry about having a business lunch with partners from abroad. After tasting the offer from a part of the menu called "Tradition", negotiations will be easier than ever. The fantastic ambiance provides everything that is needed. To everyone.

It is summer, so - back to the Danube, right on the Zemun Quay. To the Supermarket Talas, a restaurant that should not be missed. The fusion of natural beauty and a sophisticated sense of creating original entertainment are what you need at any time. You can enjoy by yourself by the river and great tastes, there are no unpleasant looks here because you are sitting by yourself. Fun in the big garden is all day. However, evenings are a specialty of this restaurant. In the garden of the Talas, the weekend starts on Wednesday. DJs and top cocktail masters take over one part of the garden and turn it into a real pre-party space from Wednesday to Saturday in the period from 20:00 to 01:00. If you are not in the mood for clubbing, but you are for meetings and excellent gastronomy, the rest of the garden, right next to the river, works in regular mode. Simply, there is everything in one place.