New city events

City celebration of the New Year's Eve is not the only event. Days with great manifestations are ahead of us

Wednesday 9th of January 2019

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Holidays, food, drinks and music are present in every part of the city. Art may be neglected and this injustice should be corrected immediately. The Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art is the place where the great exhibition of Dragan Petrovic, called "Happy people" is held. On the spot, you have the opportunity to evoke memories or get acquainted with the time of the eighties and the entire nineties. How the celebrations and gatherings looked like, how much influence the culture had, and trends at that time. Everything is recorded and is on display. Each of the thirty photographs is followed by the essays of art historian Slavko Timotijevic and artist Ivan Petrovic.

The fifth in a row "Mrnjau Fest" is scheduled for 12th and 13th January at the Youth Center (Dom omladine). Licensed competitions according to the rules of the "World Cat Federation" organization, various cat competitions, giving home to cats, numerous workshops and playgrounds for children, music games, musicals for the youngest, vet advice on nursing, nutrition and all doubts are organized by Veterina Belgrade and Le Petit Association. Cats lovers, this is your weekend.

The Serbian (Orthodox) New Year's Eve is celebrated on the thirteenth night in January. The 2019 edition will be marked by a big concert in front of the National Assembly, featuring the Lexington band. The beginning of the gig is at 22:00. Even if you do not prefer the sound from the repertoire, the atmosphere will surely be to everyone's taste. Traditionally, for the New Year's Eve, according to the Julian calendar, fireworks and a great music programme will be organized in front of the Temple of St. Sava. Two times joy for one Serbian holiday.

Tradition again, but this time a musical one. Maestro Bojan Sudjic, Symphony Orchestra, Choir and Children's Choir of Radio Television of Serbia, Kolibri Children's Choir, Kolo Ensemble, Dragana Radakovic soprano, Ivana Srbljan mezzo-soprano and Nikola Mijailovic baritone will perform in the Grand Hall of the Sava Center on 14th January at 20:00. Yes, it is "Traditional Belgrade New Year's Concert". Ceremonial, classy, perfect.