Transport in Belgrade

Essential information that will make transport and getting around easier than ever

Tuesday 26th of February 2019

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Welcome to the capital of Serbia. It does not matter if you are here for the first time or not or why you came. You will always have great time. Assuming that you came to Belgrade by plane, you have completed the most important part of the journey. And first what you have to decide is how to get from the airport to the city. We bring all the transport options.

Transfer from Belgrade airport to hotel or other accommodation is the simplest by taxi. Depending where you are going, the taxi ride will cost between 1,500 and 6,000 dinars, or between 13 and 50 euros.

1. Belgrade metro

Oh, the metro in Belgrade does not exist. Go to the following options.

2. Public transport

City traffic consists of buses, trams, trolley buses and BG train. A transport card called the Bus Plus is necessary. A card for one ride in the first zone, which you will probably use, costs 89 dinars. If you buy it from the driver, then it is 150 dinars.

The daily ticket valid for one day costs 250 dinars and when you buy it for the first time, you will pay 40 dinars for the paper card itself. Three-day ticket costs 700 dinars, and for five days it is 1,000 dinars. You can buy any kind of transport tickets at more than 2,000 shops and the easiest way is to go to kiosks. For a night ride from midnight until 04:00, the card is purchased exclusively from the driver and costs 150 dinars.

If this seems too complicated for you, look for a fellow citizen who knows English (and almost everyone knows) to help you shop.

3. Taxi in Belgrade

You will not be able to use Uber in Belgrade because it is illegal but there is taxi, quite affordable. It is only important to know the difference between registered and illegal taxi drivers. The legal taxi vehicle has two signs on top of the car, one with the number of registration and the other with the mark of the taxi association to which it belongs. Next, make sure to check the car plates. If they have a "TX" at the end of the registration plate, then you can safely sit in a car that is marked like this.

Taxi transport prices depend on the destination you are going to. If you do not go far, you should not pay more than a few hundred dinars, which is about a couple of euros. If you are planning a taxi ride from the city center to Novi Beograd or Zemun, the ride should not cost more than 1,500 dinars or 13 euros. You are always entitled to request an invoice and you will receive it if you stopped the vehicle from any of the 24 taxi associations, as many as there are registered.

4. Yandex taxi in Belgrade

You just need to download their mobile application. Through simple options you can book a vehicle and immediately find out the price of the ride.

5. Bicycle lanes

More and more people choose the healthiest means of transport. If you are among them, you should know that the bicycle lanes are the most numerous in Novi Beograd and that there is almost none in the city center. You can freely ride wherever you want, but where there are no marked bicycle lanes, you will not have the advantage over pedestrians. We do not recommend cycling through the Belgrade streets that are intended for traffic.

If you brought with you an electric scooter, you will enjoy it. It will be far easier for you than with a bicycle. Sidewalks are quite good and you will be able to explore Belgrade without any problems.