Spring in Belgrade 2019

Waiting has paid off! The most interesting season has finally come to town

Friday 22nd of March 2019

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The spring began on 20th March exactly at 22:58 and will last until 21st June, when the summer 2019 officially begins. On the night between 30th and 31st March, clocks are turned 1 hour forward when Daylight Saving Time, "summer time" period begins. Only those with allergies are not happy with the new season. For all the rest, a real party begins.

Spring in Belgrade is a reason for crowd in parks, city forests and everywhere where it is possible to enjoy the nature. At the same time, the race for the best place in catering gardens is becoming a serious sport. There are numerous tourists who will come this spring to meet both the town and the inhabitants of the city. Now, when there is no more snow and ice, everything seems easier. And better.

Spring equals Easter. Orthodox believers will celebrate Easter 2019 on 28th April. The news that all employees are waiting for is non-working days in April. Due to one of the biggest religious holidays, people will not work from 26th to 29th April.

Spring is a period of tidying up. Life, wardrobe, bad habits. Before you start with aesthetic renovations, pay attention to your own interior. Move. Activate muscles. Even a light walk counts. The whole world will come to the capital of Serbia on 14th April and the reason is the 32nd Belgrade marathon. With a little preparation, there are you on the front pages among the participants of the Fun Run. Health counts every step.

Spring is a very important period for Belgrade. From 16th to 19th April, the rich programme for all generations will mark the Days of Belgrade, a manifestation that dates back to 2003. The content will be completely free and the offer will cover absolutely all interests. It will be both ceremonial and fun. Typically Belgrade.

Spring brings even more city events. Every day in Belgrade will be perfect throughout the season. Concerts, plays, workshops, exhibitions, sports events, tourist walks and everything you can imagine is a step away from you. With good mood, accurate information about events is necessary. Now that you know what you can do, the only question is whether you want to. Do not let the spring fatigue affect you.