May in Belgrade 2019

You can complain about weather, allergies and crowd. Not about monotony because Belgrade does not even understand the word

Wednesday 1st of May 2019

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May is Djurdjevdan (Saint George's Day). May are weddings. May is nice even when the weather is not so nice. In May, the superficial winter relationships, with the sole purpose of not being alone for New Year's Eve and Christmas, are definitely broken. Everyone loves May! Although it has 31 days, it always passes so quickly. After, June is coming and there is the summer.

There is no real spring. There will be many things happening between feather jackets and flip-flops. Concerts of famous musicians, the biggest city events, sports events, attractive tourist tours. All in all, the list of top 10 events in May looks like this:

1. International Documentary Film Festival "Beldocs". From 8th to 15th May, films will be screened at numerous locations in the city center, and there will also be expert discussions. Domestic directing of a world-class documentary film festival.

2. Street Food Festival from 8th to 12th May in Tasmajdan Park. International specialties, cold beer and great music in the ambiance of a magnificent park. Idyll for gourmands, a treat for hosts and city guests.

3. Tras! The third Belgrade comic festival festival in KC Grad is scheduled for 11th May. Creators and lovers of the ninth art will exchange ideas, knowledge and love for comics throughout the day. Comics stock market will be followed closely by an interesting rich programme. For attending, age does not matter. It is only important that you love comics.

4. The period from 13th to 19th May is reserved for the magnificent event "Museums for 10". In Belgrade, 10 favourite museums will open their doors with a special reason and programme. Try to escape a walk through unique temples.

5. Traditionally in May - Collective wedding. This year, many couples will say I do on 19th May. For them, this is the most beautiful month and all the attention is focused on the organization. Good luck!

6. Read carefully. The 2019 Museum Night is held on 18th May from 16:00 to 24:00. This year's motto is "Freedom". Without any hesitation, engage in a unique adventure and discover the treasure that only art and culture have. More participants are expected to attend even more locations. Amazing.

7. After 13 years, "Harlem Globetrotters" are returning to the Belgrade audience. Basketball sensation will visit the Sports Hall "Ranko Zeravica" on 21st May at 20:00. Acrobatics on the court for an unforgettable atmosphere at the stands.

8. On the following day, on 22nd May, André Rieu is coming to Stark Arena. The king of the waltz is constantly winning over the whole planet. The artist without borders will, thanks to sophisticated notes, slow down the fast pace of the city.

9. Another city spectacle is in May. The Belgrade Manifest, the fifth in a row, will gather all the families, friends and colleagues at Kalemegdan in the period from 24th to 26th May. The festival of the tourist potential of Serbia and honourable guests from abroad, enriched with a quality programme for all ages are more than enough reasons to stay at the Belgrade Fortress.

10. What the beginning was like, such is the end. Excellent. The European Snooker Championship starts on 29th May. The location is the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Through five categories of competition, experienced competitors will be presented. Come and stay to support great sports spirit.