How to be fit in Belgrade

Reading instruction: it is not for those born with healthy habits

Monday 19th of August 2019

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It is very difficult to look healthy and fit in the capital of Serbia. Spectacular gastronomy is the first reason. The second, third, and next ones support the thesis that in the area, where you eat well and enjoy yourself well, it is impossible to insist on the laws of fitness. Still, there is hope for fans of the Belgrade lifestyle.

Anyone who has paid a monthly membership fee to fitness centers to get himself or herself to start exercising has just thrown money away. The ambitious ones who paid for three months are even worse. Most often, they reached the street where gym is located and this is where the phase under the slogan "a healthy mind in a healthy body" ended. Or vice versa. It does not matter. The result is the same. There is no result.

Believe it or not, exercising in Belgrade is available at every step of the way for free. Several suggestions are coming. Wear a tracksuit and sneakers.

If you want to work on weight, it is the easiest to forget about your car. Walking to work, if you do not work far, is ideal. In addition to saving on fuel, you will do a lot for your health. In case you need daily transport, get off the bus one stop early. The old recipe always works.

Outdoor gyms adorn literally every part of the city. Come and see how easy it is to raise your heart rate and activate your muscles and make outdoor gyms more than decoration under the open sky. The unwritten rule says there is never crowd. You will not be waiting in line for an exercise machine like you would at popular gyms and more importantly, you will be out in the fresh air. After light workout, it is absolutely legitimate to go for a drink. But only one.

Guaranteed activity awaits you in landscaped green areas. Parks in Belgrade are carefully created places for sports, recreation and relaxation. When you have your favourite park, you do not need anyone. In case you have not picked your green oasis yet, now is the time. You have plenty of time until it is raining and snowing to get used to recreational sports. Good luck.

Bicycle, roller skates and everything on wheels is an even easier option for exercising. It is faster than walking, and it can be more fun. Especially if you meet interesting people on your route.