Where to go out: the best pre-party bars in Belgrade

We present to you the highest quality places for warm up before crazy night fun

Wednesday 16th of August 2017

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There are many places you can go out to in Belgrade at night. Each guide on the best clubbing requires that, before going to the desired club, offering a night full of excitement and miracles, you must appear in the bar that will provide the best pre-party. There are many places, and we bring to you a list of interesting bars spread over the most visited city zones.

It is impossible to select just one bar and give it the title the best one. Many sites guarantee great preparation for great fun in the best possible way. Belgrade Beat proposals were created based on popularity, attendance and good reviews on social networks and, of course, on personal conviction. Whether you are a Belgrade resident, a guest in transit, a lover of the capital who is spending the whole summer here, however, dress up in your favorite outfit and go and have fun in the night full of good vibe.

Downtown bars

The central city zone offers an offer that only provokes the wow! reaction. From the Mediterranean-style bars where palm trees and accompanying tropical content are delivered, for the sake of a complete effect, over a place that "screams" glamour and luxury to completely unique places with a hand-made interior and a carefully designed programme scheme. If you like to be seen, Boutique #1 or Boutique #2 is the right choice. Located on the busiest pedestrian zones, they serve a large number of domestic and foreign guests daily, and they are close to some of the best clubs. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, according to the latest trends, and great crowds raise the mood exactly to the level that is necessary for dancing until the morning. If you respect art and creative creativity, Blaznavac bar will enthrall you. The incredible interior and cool city team create an atmosphere that rarely where can be seen. The inevitable street of a good fun that prefers the underground style, the famous Cetinjska Street, presents numerous places for excellent entertainment. Bars featuring DJs, coffee-galleries, live gigs, relaxing drinks on the bench in front of the bar and much more are something that this area of ​​city entertainment offers.

Vracar bars

Favorite part of Belgrade for many people, Vracar, offers countless great places. Beautiful small streets and old houses of romantic aesthetics surrounded by old tree canopy create a truly special atmosphere. The heart of Vracar is the location of many bars that brought the world style and the best entertainment to the capital. For those who cannot imagine going out without a good drink, quality dinner and music played by some of the city's DJs, Terminal is the best choice. Located on the plateau in front of the Temple of St. Sava, it represents an excellent start of the cruise through the night. If you want to share space with the most modern girls and handsome guys, drink fancy drinks and love beautiful places - Ceger is a great choice. An interior that flirts with chic and natural materials, a cheerful atmosphere and a great view of the environment will make you perfectly prepared for the hot, summer night. Do you prefer a different concept in every way and reject contemporary popular trends? Villa Maska is a place for you. The unique interior, the creatively designed philosophy and the great dose of exotic mystery are the main features of this place that offers unusual entertainment.

Boat-based bars

The summer in full swing is the ideal time of the year for fun on the water. Rafts in Belgrade are the iconic places of top-class entertainment and world magazines often write about them. If you are headed to some of the many, it may be the most effective to start heating right on the river. Numerous DJs point out that pre-party parties are more interested to them than the big events that last until late into the night. A large number of the most famous artists perform in these places and create a truly top-notch atmosphere. Ben Akiba is a boat-based bar that has opened its doors this season and it presents a quality innovation in the world of entertainment. A relaxed atmosphere, really great staff and great music are enough to warm up for some of the nearby boat-based clubs. The famous place, which for years has been the symbol for the best cocktails, is boat-based bar Cruise. Quality cocktails at a decent price, great beat and great crowds are the perfect preparation for the upcoming night. Black Bar by Azzaro is not on the river, but it is next to the most popular city lake. It is located at Ada Ciganlija and, in a short time, it has gathered a large number of guests who enjoy a great selection of drinks, popular hookah and music of famous DJs. A modern place where positive people gather together will make the night out a great fun.