After work drink with colleagues

Straight to a bar after working hours

Friday 19th of January 2018

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After work, the most important thing is to recover the lost energy. For this activity, it is necessary to choose a good place and a right company. Work colleagues are often closer to us than those we call best friends. We spend much more time with them, we communicate without a lot of words and laugh until we cry even at the smallest little things. Talking outside the office, without bosses and official phones are happy moments. Spend them at the right address.

1. Godo

A boat-based club at the Novi Beograd Quay is a great option for everyone who lives and works on this side of the river. The Sava Quay is active all year long due to the perfect balance between the landscaped nature and the relaxing Sava. Right there, at the end of the blocks, there is an ideal place for enjoyment. Large tables provide enough space to accommodate everyone without pressing and holding things in the bag. A perfectly integrated high level of service and a relaxing atmosphere remove tiredness and monotony in a moment. If the food at work was bad, take a look at the menu. Everything is great here.

2. D Bar

You simply love Dorcol. Bad weather and busy traffic can not do anything to the wish to spend time in this part of the city. A large number of hard-working people are right here. Effort should always be rewarded. The capable people do not expect praise and to be claped on their shoulders, they organize themselves celebrations of their little victories. When you have a company that is thinking the same as you - victoriously at work, then every successful day is a reason for celebration. D bar has the same opinion. Every coffee, cocktail or sophisticated drink is served in the perfect way. The winning team is always found. That is why there is a big crowd here after working hours.

3. Radost - Pizza Cabaret & Disco Grill

A place that equally gives importance to drink, food and music. If you got a new colleague, this is a great place to get to know each other better. The selected hits from the era of brighter times will relax everyone present. Comfort and great service will additionally enhance the positive effect. If you come to celebrate the end of a successful week, relax and move on to conquering the Savamala and famous places for a night out.

4. Besna Macka Deli Bistro

If a male team member would bring his female colleagues here for coffee, he would not have to do anything til the end of his career. This is a place that women put at the top for having drinks in Belgrade. A totally "silly" interior with many interesting details starts all the engines in the body and returns a smile on the face. The walls seem to inspire endless talking. Especially desserts from the menu. The bar for all lovers of a different ambiance.