Beer tour in Belgrade

Guide for exploring the popular pubs and beer houses in the city

Friday 30th of March 2018

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Beer is a favourite drink for many people. Draft, bottled, homemade, foreign and more popular craft - beer is available at every step. As trends from around the world are being followed, "editions" that used to require long journey have come to the home court. The finest aromas and modern packaging from around the world are now available in Belgrade. Cheers!

1. OUR

The organization of associated labor presented its new edition at the beginning of the 2017/2018 season. The well-known place for all kinds of gatherings of modern and smiling world has recently become a pub. The idea that Belgrade gets an excellent place for consuming beer, like the known ones in Prague, is achieved in the best possible way.

2. Berliner

One of the first places in the city that brought the trend of enjoying non-commercial beer styles. People do not come here because of the usual offer, but because of the special editions of beer. A completely original place with an authentic Bavarian touch. Interior, music, food offer - from every part of this concept, "Willkommen!" is heard loudly.

3. Lakat

A special address for seriously informed about the world of beer. Experienced beer drinkers have the knowledge to choose the best for each guest and a lot of will to share it to all. While you enthrall all your senses, intoxicated by the Danube and beer of course, you will easily learn the difference between Blond, Lager, Radler, Ipa, Ale and other beers. The hosts are always ready for a new round.

4. Savska pivnica

The youngest of all listed but not lagging behind in popularity. The Sava Quay is a well-known location in Belgrade for unforgettable relaxation by the river. Now, with your favourite beer and great kebab, every day is a wonderful day. Be sure to try their homemade beer.