March in Belgrade 2018

Ride through the city in great rhythm

Saturday 3rd of March 2018

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Do not let Baba Marta ("Granny March" - the name of a mythical figure; a reference as to a freezing weather change after a spring break) deceive you and tuck you up in the winter as if there were not going to be spring. Spring is sure as well as the fact that it is high time you start practicing. Your New Year's resolution to look great cannot remain science fiction. Plus temperatures will force you to remove layer by layer of clothing. Layers underneath the clothes cannot easily be unbuttoned and taken off. What you ate, you ate. Now, to work! You have only a few days to get in shape a bit.

First Stop: Women's Day - 8th March. All the attention of the world is put on you whether you are the one who congratulates or the recipient of congratulations. If you give presents, the gift should not be too expensive and intrusive, and it should not be too miserable and modest. If you receive a gift, do not expect too much, but do not underestimate yourself.

Second Stop: For beginners and dreamers, tickets for the Belgrade Dance Festival are a great gift. For this gift, only girlfriends and female colleagues are taken into account. Grandmothers, mothers and sisters not at all. You look at them every day.

Third Stop: Guitar Art Festival 2018. Recommended for short adventures. From the Women's Day chrono dinner where you exchanged tenderness and promised no strings attached, the four-day extension on the "string" is the right choice.

Fourth Station: The Belgrade Irish Festival - just to delight your best pal. Two weeks of Irish culture will perfectly "fit" into meter of beer. When the last Irish packs his suitcases, wave him off from the gym.

Fifth stop: Car Show and Motorcycle Show. When you give someone the keys to your heart, what are the keys to a great car or motorcycle for you? Plus, you get a personal driver.

If the bubble bursts in the meantime, do not despair. In March, open-air events start and free walking tours in Belgrade and Zemun are the perfect overture for discovering the beauty of the capital. Take a good look at who else is in the group. Maybe one of the attractions of Belgrade hides there too.