Collective wedding 2018

Belgrade is the city of love

Sunday 13th of May 2018

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Your wedding on the cover of the newspaper, the Internet, the television? No, you do not need to be famous or to marry a celebrity. Just sign up for the 20th, jubilee, collective wedding that will take place in front of the Belgrade City Assembly on 20th May.

Keeping up with several European capitals, Belgrade is organizing this event that helps young couples to start their lives without stress, cost and regular photos. Hundreds of couples from all over Serbia and abroad will say "I do" in front of a large number of witnesses. Newlyweds' kiss will make Belgrade feel like on the "Seventh Heaven" for a moment.

Wedding dance is a beautiful picture even for marital skeptics, and a rich entertainment programme makes wedding joy a bit different. In a beautiful ambiance and with cheerful guests, wedding photos will be more than a nice memory. Belgrade bachelorettes have to make sure to be ready because at 10:55, two hundred wedding bouquets will be thrown into the air. Those who catch this specific bouquet, the wedding awaits within a year. The fountain of beautiful wishes on the square of Nikola Pasic and Bohemian Skadarlija will complete this beautiful day of happy love.