As sweet as it gets

Very sweet story

Friday 1st of June 2018

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Sweet bars, modern pastry shops, sweets empires. Each of the attempts to define totally special places in Belgrade goes by the board. Scientific studies have shown and proved the effect of the favourite sweet taste on the body. We know everything and promise that we will not exaggerate.

Honestly, there is no such a strong personality that can resist such a sweet offer. In these places, no reservations or elegant dressing are needed. You do not even have to plan your visit for months in advance. They are always hard-working and ready for new socializing. It is only important that you bring with you a lack of blood sugar and love for desserts. Here we go.

The place where donuts live a happy life is Slatkoteka. Equal attention is paid to grandma's simple donuts, sprinkled with sugar and completely incredible innovations. You can choose a combination of extras, eat a donut with gold, immerse in a chocolate fantasy. Just do not say you do not like donuts. If you exaggerated again with a portion of sugar, go straight ahead to the Museum of Vuk and Dositej. It is not far away, and a smart walk will burn calories.

Walking along the river is attractive at any time of the year. The Zemun Quay is a popular entertainment and leisure zone for both Belgrade residents and city guests. Quite close to the quay there is a place that looks like it came out of fairy-tale cartoons and it is called Candy Square. An interior, where Cinderella or Beauty (without the Beast) would feel at home, becomes less important when sweet magic is served. You can order whatever you want, but you have to try the Belgian waffles.

The old good Vracar is not the favourite part of the city of many people without reason. St. Sava Temple, elite restaurants, famous Kalenic market and much more is located in this municipality. Dolce by Tintolino absolutely deserves its place on the map of what to eat sweet on Vracar. No matter how old you are, this is the place for you. Cakes that are so nice that you feel sorry to eat them, and sweet little cookies that make you laugh as soon as you see them will make you always find a parking spot in the city crowd and enjoy the magic of sweet bites.