Parties for the last Saturday in July

Before we start selecting July memories, let's go out one more time

Wednesday 25th of July 2018

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Hot Mess + Cherry on Top = top-notch entertainment! A famous boat-based club at Usce is one of the most visited places in the city every Saturday. Good habits do not change, so on the following Saturday, 28th July from 23:00 to 04:00, music will be played by Ike and Lea. The creators of this brilliant r'n'b and hip-hop party are not pretentious stars. For them, every performance is a new challenge. Whether you are coming for the first or for the hundredth time, the fun is guaranteed.

The boat-based club 20/44 is a place that is visited when you want pure electronic sound and clubbing without limits. On Saturday, 28th July, officially, the party starts at 23:00 and lasts until 06:00. From experience, here is a party non-stop. There is no closing time because of the new day. On the contrary. A guest from Berlin, Hugo Capablanca and local DJ, 33.10.3402. i.e. Nenad Markovic will be in charge of the music. Swinging until dawn that you will never forget.

Strafta club is the venue of the third party "Rainbow Crushhh". Saturday, 28th July is the date when Nita and Mylo will take over the DJ counter. They promised the best rhythm for a special summer party. An authentic DJ duo prefers pop, alt-pop, edm and other genres that bring crowd to the dance floor and smile on the face. The fun starts at 22:00. Bring a good mood and dance all night.