Where to go out to on Saturday

Excellent clubbing is coming. Unrepeatable great entertainment will not forgive you if you miss it out

Thursday 13th of June 2019

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Finally warm weather. Finally a smile on the face and, finally, a party under the open sky in nature. On Saturday 15th June, at Ada Ciganlija, there will be a top trance party. Goa Experience vol. XVII will be marked by the anniversary of the label "Suntrip" which, since 2004, has been focused on old styled melodic and acidic goa-trance. From 22:00 to 08:00, in live edition DJs Man With No Name, Dimension and Triquetra will be presented. Masala, Mozza and DaPeace have already prepared DJ sets for the trance spectacle on the Makis side. It is up to you only to appear. Great company will take care of everything else.

There is no boredom on the 20/44 boat-based club because every weekend brings a new adventure. Saturday 15th June, from 23:00 to 06:00, is the time for the 15th party "Bipolar". The main star is a guest from Brussels, DJ and producer Rick Shiver. His musical selection fits very well into the concept of the Belgrade boat-based club. Electronic sound, enriched with exotics and a dose of mystery, will make everyone present dance. Support for a great night programme are DJs Edi Oma, ie Bagheera, Johana and a man without whom this party makes no sense, Dusan Lilic.

Every summer, Hot Mess boat-based club is a host of the "Cherry On Top" party. This Saturday, 15th June, the 2019 first-class r'n'b music edition officially begins. The famous DJ duo, Ike and Lea are creators and sole performers. They have so much experience, yet again, each of their parties is marked by a powerful euphoria as if it was premiere. If you prefer this genre, the only place you should come to on Saturday is Hot Mess.