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Fresh fish in the capital of Serbia is not science fiction

Friday 7th of September 2018

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Fish specialties are often the topic of serious debates. It is not too difficult to find fresh river fish in a city like Belgrade that has two rivers. Real art is "catching" quality sea fish and seafood.

Catering without knowledge, dedicated work and art is a mere seasonal business. Anyone can list at least three "restaurants" that have disappeared from the map faster than they opened. These are "caterers" who believe that it is enough to find a place in a popular part of the city, sign contracts with suppliers, arrange tables and chairs around the room and there it is - a new place. Dissatisfied, angry with the market, competition and state of the country, they are closing their business quickly. They do not realize that what they did was not catering, but rather trade.

Do not spend valuable money and even more precious time on the former. You belong to real restaurants in Belgrade that are not fake but have the original approach to authentic gastronomy. In special places where every corner is spiced up with visual specialties, and the menu is worth reading because it does not contain deep-frozen or semi-prepared fish from the store.

Fine dining for every day is a special philosophy. Only chosen ones can combine luxury and relaxed atmosphere. Enso is just such a restaurant - a fusion of rarity and everyday enjoyment. The menu can not be defined as anything less than glamorous offer. Burned shrimps, gilt-head sea bream served with dumplings filled with plums or grilled, juicy pieces of tuna which must be accompanied by apple and curry purée, celery and cucumber salad and mustard ice cream best describe what people can eat here. As much as the quality of each ingredient is important, the same goes for music and good energy. Perfect.

There used to be a rule in Belgrade that you can eat the best food and fresh fish away from the city center, in places that are not accessible to random passers-by. Times have changed, as well as the rules, but one restaurant has been operating with the same pace since 1953. Mika Alas. Only here you can be gladdened like a child going to Disneyland with sea bass (branzino), octopus, red scorpionfish, salmon. With the same enthusiasm is served the guest who drinks the most expensive wine and the guest who only recognizes domestic brandy (rakija). If you are interested, you will hear an incredible story about the celebrities waiting for the dawn here. If you are not, no one will bother you. The magic on Makis, which is associated with numerous legends, immediately wins over with its charm and spectacular food.

There are more and more restaurants that place so many tables so that they seem to be interested in matching people, and that food is just an excuse for meeting. You know the feeling when you hear every story around you, except your own thoughts. Total contrast to this fashion is Stara kapetanija. Do not let the name fool you. Nothing is old here. There are only catering rules from the last century, and they provide comfort and enjoyment for every guest. The Zemun Quay is even wider and prettier from this garden. Start a healthy diet with a famous fish soup and continue the selection according to your taste. Of course, the offer of river fish is perfect, but focus on sea fish and seafood.