Eternal restaurants - Part I

Belgrade iconic places

Friday 26th of October 2018

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The youngest restaurant of rich biography just entered eighth decade of life. All these years, none of the three exceptional restaurants have changed residence information. Since day one, which was very long ago, to today's modern age, it is known - for a perfect hospitality treatment, it is necessary to come to these places.

The rich history records that many people wanted to conquer Kalemegdan. Only those who were defined as force by the documents succeeded. Since 1930, there has been a restaurant here that has not stopped winning over. A city restaurant. It takes everybody under its wing at the entrance. You do not know? You are young for sure. It is Kalemegdanska terasa. Now it is another story. As little time you have for getting to know Belgrade, this restaurant simply should not be missed. At the same time, it is at the top of the list of locations for the most important I do. It is equally favourite for everyday hedonism.

Madera has always been something special. Not only because of great food and drinks in an impressive ambiance. The original Smederevo tavern hosted traders, travellers and citizens who have been passing by here since 1937. Then the architectural plan knocked down the then house, and a building with a restaurant on the ground floor took its place. It is impossible to come here without experiencing a different energy. It has always been open to everyone. Today, guests are not categorized into wealthy or average ones as they used to be. Not even into known or anonymous. The only thing that matters is whether the offer and service suit you. Madera makes cakes for diabetics. Madera does not tease you because of a crisis called dieting, but it wholeheartedly helps in creating healthy habits. With experienced gourmands has a wonderful relationship. Unique Madera.

The city center and its magic. Belgrade has a lot of restaurants where you feel great. It has always been like that. Totally urban style. But only in one restaurant Ivo Andric gave the first interview after receiving the Nobel Prize. The youngest of the aforementioned, opened in 1946, Klub knjizevnika. Here the Parisian chic and the Serbian tradition are an inseparable connection. What Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton have tried to do here, to build an eternal idyll, failed. And the elite style and the Smederevac cooker still live happily today. Jazz live and homemade donuts. Perfect.