October in Belgrade 2019

This month, the road to the great mood is shorter than ever. You do not believe? Read carefully

Tuesday 1st of October 2019

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Marina's "Cleaner" has cleared Belgrade's stories that people do not talk about art around here. A sweet taste of joy or the aroma of bitter disappointment, it does not matter. Ms. Abramovic knows how to hold the viewer's attention. And that is exactly what Belgrade knows. It does not rest a single October day.

Whatever galaxy you come from, you will enjoy. The already mentioned art is closely followed by well-known city manifestations. Popular gastro events are in shape as well. Are you in shape to keep up with the busiest than ever schedule of great events?

Use the first days of the month for the last part of the edition of the European Heritage Days 2019. A quality programme takes place throughout the city. The next gathering is in a year. There is no need to wait that long. Hurry up to embrace the gala cultural and artistic show. Let the end be warm up for Bemus 2019. The famous music festival begins on 6th October and lasts until 19th October. The continuation of the perfect musical story is promised by the 35th Belgrade Jazz Festival. Top performers will make you forget everything that does not move your hips with powerful tunes from 22nd to 27th October.

Having a good time can easily make you tired. Gastronomy jumps in to help. Mind and body regeneration will be guaranteed on 12th October. Food and drink lovers will remember this day well. There are even three reasons. Finale in Serbia's Best Ajvar Competition - Izadji mi na teglu, Cheese Festival and BeGeVege Festival. Bon appetit.

October is the part of the calendar that emits best the autumn vibe. October is also the month that marks the equality between Belgrade and books. The largest Book Fair of all in this part of Europe is scheduled for the period from 20th to 27th October. Use the rainy days to tidy up the library and free up shelves for new literature. Everyone to the fair because reading has never been as in as it is now.