September in Belgrade 2021

A wave of autumn magic is coming. There is no time to say goodbye to what summer has brought us. Grab a new city season and make it the favorite ever period in the town

Friday 3rd of September 2021

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The first of September has already shown its face. These days, schoolchildren will shyly feel out the terrain around them: who has grown more, who will have a better composition on the evergreen essay "What I did during summer vacation". Why that topic when we all know we keep the best memories for ourselves. And best friends. Grandma's ajvar did not even have the time to be tasted when pops in another legend - the essay "Autumn in my area". Some things never change. Sometimes that is not bad at all.

University students have just a little more time to rest. Only if they dominate their September exam period. Dominance by knowledge or possession is the question. One thing is for sure, student parties are starting soon and that is a rare topic that interests every student.

It is not easy to find time for yourself between work and family. They want you to leave your "heart out on the field" in the office. Food on the plate is the first thing that is necessary for every home. And where are Belgrade and all of its beauties? Right here. Right now.

The rhythm of September in the city promises a great time. While the sun is still a priority over rain, let the restaurants on the river be your safe haven. Both the Danube and the Sava seem to have something to offer. Your choice is to pick river number two. Recommendation: turn off your phone, turn on the senses and relax.

If you are wondering what to do in Belgrade, your answer is here. An ideal moment for enriching your mind with art and culture. The calendar of events never rests, you have absolutely every piece of information about city events you need in one place. Sail into the rhythm of September like never before.