Places you must visit in Belgrade

And they are not in the top offer

Tuesday 27th of February 2018

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The Insider's guide through Belgrade reveals the beauties of the city that are not at the most famous locations in the center. The Serbian capital is proud of the important facilities, natural oases and historic buildings that are within twenty minutes' drive away from the very center.

The Sava Quay

In addition to embankment suitable for walking and separate tracks for jogging and cycling, it is rich in grass surfaces for various physical activities and relaxation in nature. It extends in the length of three kilometers, starts at Block 70 and ends at the Ostruznica Bridge. In the middle of the quay there is a memorial bust of Mahatma Gandhi. Famous boat-based bars and restaurants are anchored here for enjoying top-class catering. The real oasis of peace and nature and so close to the city.

The Millennium Tower

A view from Zemun that is remembered forever. When you climb Gardos, you will feel that Belgrade is in your palm. The Millennium Tower was built in 1896 and today, it is best known for being called Gardos Tower. Totally wrong. It is located in the center of the former fortress of Zemun.

Zvezdara forest

After Topcider and Kosutnjak, Zvezdara is the largest green area in the urban zone of the capital. Almost 21 hectares of forest is arranged as a park. It is protected as a monument of nature and besides its recreation facilities, it also keeps cultural monuments such as the Astronomical Observatory. Here 136 plant species including nine rare species of trees, seven species of reptiles and amphibians, and 48 species of birds of varying degrees of protection are recorded. A real urban biotope. In the city center, yet in the nature.

Novo groblje (New cemetery)

What is the Père Lachaise Cemetery for Paris, that is the New Cemetery for Belgrade. It is located in Ruzveltova Street. It was founded in 1886 and represents a significant cultural and historical treasury. There are over a thousand sculptural monuments here, and over one hundred and thirty prominent artists work. Art lovers visit the cemetery as a tour of the gallery where they can see the works of Djordje Jovanovic, Simeon Roksandic, Sreten Stojanovic, Oto Logo and others.

Rakovica Monastery

Numerous legends and turbulent history relate to the monastery dedicated to archangels Michael and Gabriel. After relocating from Avala to the present location during the 16th century, it suffered all the horrors of the wars, from the Turks to the NATO bombing. The once male, now female monastery, is the place of eternal resting of several Serbian patriarchs, saints, Vasa Carapic, as well as members of the Obrenovic family, the ruling family of the independent Serbian state of the 19th century. The monastery is also known for its vine and honey. Opposite the monastery there is the spring-fountain of St. Petka (Paraskeva) many women drink water from believing it is healing.