Restaurants Novi Beograd: Modern gastronomy

The right reason for coming to the other side of the river

Friday 23rd of February 2018

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Novi Beograd has long been "that part of the city over there". The former dormitory built on sand developed into the most modern part of Belgrade. Because of work, because of the lack of comfort in the center, more and more people and tourists are choosing to stay on the new side. The popularity of an attractive city municipality is constantly growing, and to a large extent, the "culprits" are famous restaurants in Novi Beograd. Gastro story in a modern edition.

1. Novak

A restaurant where people come equally due to perfect specialties and curtsey to a prominent tennis player. Novak Djokovic, apart from the undisputed results, is also known for his special diet. If you want to try super healthy meals - welcome. Paradise for vegans and vegetarians, but also lovers of great desserts and well-known recipes. Sports spirit in elegant form rules Novak's restaurant.

2. Pizza bar

Pizzas in Belgrade are divided into Pizza Bar and all others. Their slogan "Your Happy Place" best describes what you can expect here. Recognizable Italian and other specialties, a positive atmosphere and a city rhythm in the center of Novi Beograd events. A place that can compete with pastry shops. Yes, such are desserts here.

3. So i biber

Tradition is always in vogue. Incredibly large portions of famous Serbian love statement - fantastic food, gather a great number of supporters of popular pleasure. Kebab, ribs, cabbage rolls, burgers and homemade pancakes when prepared properly, can embrace as loved ones. Happiness is only real when shared and here, every order is at least for two people. We said it all, straight to Staro sajmiste.