Graffiti... 1 Street art?

Reflection of the thoughts through a special form, a statement of love, beautification of a part of the city and reality, public call for rebellion - graffiti speak instead of us

Sunday 5th of August 2018

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Do you know where it is and what message does graffito from the next photo get across?

The exact location is a small park in Vracar, just behind the Puz theater. A colourful giraffe can mean so many things. And there may be no "deeper" meaning. Only the artist who signs this work knows the truth. Between the buildings, in a park where there is not a lot of crowd, where local people come in for a dose of peace, this giraffe on the wall lives, which absolutely beautifies the area where it is located. We are coming back to find out where graffiti originate.

Graffiti are as old as human civilization. All those who think that is special in this field and that their generation has started the trend of drawing graffiti - they are wrong. The specialty, however, is not excluded, but it requires good education, preparation and exercise. Yes, yes, graffiti are not just drawing on freshly painted walls, they are the message, the attitude, the philosophy of life. From the Greek meaning graphein γράφεıν - to write to the Latin graffito which means to scribble, the path was thorny. Because in the interpretation itself, the aspect of democratization of society is reflected.

Like every metropolis, Belgrade took over all the features of the urban center of the modern European region very early. Shy, but surely, the graffiti became more and more stylized and more creative. The messages are amazingly witty, sharp and strong, whether they are the simplest ones of love, to those engaged, political.

Novi Beograd is considered a pioneer among the parts of the city in which the first graffiti were created. Then Dorcol follows. The need to express opinion, love, admiration for celebrities or just the desire to leave a signature on the wall soon moved to Zvezdara, Vozdovac, Zemun and other parts of the city. There is an extreme difference between graffiti drawings and destruction of public facades. Before you even think of signing on the wall, think about where you are doing it.