When in Belgrade, be a Belgrader

We reveal the habits of residents of Belgrade

Saturday 17th of February 2018

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The famous Latin proverb "Si fueris Romae, Romano vivito more, Si fueris alibi, vivito sicut ibi" means - If you are in Rome live as the Romans do; if you are elsewhere live as they do there. The survival rule lies in adapting to the environment in which we are. The same rule applies to quality entertainment during the stay in Belgrade. Who to follow if not the citizens of Belgrade. Working days are more or less the same on the whole planet. Weekend is another story. Rituals for full enjoyment during non-working days are ahead of you. Enjoy yourself as a real Belgrader.

1. Early going to the market. Stalls on Kalenic, Zeleni Venac and other markets are the perfect shopping area. First-hand supplies of mega healthy organic raw materials. Homemade prosciutto and cracklings as well. The bacon was found on the world-wide "Super Food" list for 2018, so all that noise about harmful cholesterol is not valid for this year. Take a walk between the stalls, find the old lady and buy onions, potatoes and other necessities from her. She does not speak English, but you will easily understand each other. A bag in hand and straight to famous places.

2. Morning coffee. When the shopping and bargaining phase ended, as it is the basis of business and tradition at the markets, it is time for a break with home-made coffee. It is a bit hard to find one served with Turkish delight or rahat lokum but it is not impossible to find such a place. It is the right moment for a dear person to join you for a casual chat between the sips of the favourite black drink. Light retrospective, small-step planning in the future and inevitable gossip conversations are the basics of these gatherings. Just relax.

3. Coming home. As easy as the "catch" from the market was, Belgraders prefer a bit drama approach to their territory. A live atmosphere and stories from the market and coffee shops continue at the door. A break from successful morning follows, again with coffee. Do not waste your free time on cleaning your home. Dust will be in the same place tomorrow, and there are many working moments until the first free day.

4. Lunch. On Saturdays and Sundays, there is a big crowd in restaurants. If you have not booked a place in time, you will need to be a par excellence housewife. At the weekend, there is plenty of time for rolling cabbage rolls. Turn on good music, free yourself and try to make juicy pork leg. Cooking is fun, not a hard job. Let the dessert be chestnut purée or floating island. Favourite sweets among domestic residents.

5. Going out to town. Galleries and theaters in Belgrade are firing on all cylinders. Real urban "warm up" for a perfect night. Choosing wardrobe and footwear must be in line with the cobblestones in Skadarlija and dress codes in prestigious clubs. In Belgrade you never know where you will wait for the next day. A tavern, a boat-based club, a club, a restaurant - everything is on. Having fun is so great it passes incredibly fast. As if the night had just begun, and in fact, a new day has come. Must do - before going to bed, you must have burek for breakfast.