Traditional restaurants in Belgrade

Keeping to the tradition means enjoying with all the senses

Friday 16th of March 2018

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Restaurants in Belgrade offer much more than just tasting and enjoying food. Especially those that insist on recognizable flavours. Nothing gives you pleasure like kebab, cabbage rolls, homemade kajmak and other famous specialties. We present three special traditional restaurants.

1. Milosev konak

With a rich gastronomic offer, this restaurant serves an important lesson from history as well. In 1834, Milos Obrenovic built this complex for personal use and before the World War II, it was reorganized for catering needs. You will enjoy the story and the fantastic nature that surrounds the residence. You will most enjoy traditional food.

2. Velika Skadarlija

The entire Skadarlija is a symbol of tradition and bohemian habits, however, at this place the old customs and flavours are especially fostered. But in a specific way. Whether it is in or out to consume the stars of Serbian cuisine, they are always available here. The support of evergreen serving are very modern specialties. With music and wine every moment is priceless.

3. Bistro Trandafilovic

Tradition and modern hedonism are perfectly connected in the central zone of Vracar. The first bistro in Belgrade, opened in 1929, has great experience and knowledge how to host in the best way. It has the same amount of style to fit the complete ambiance and atmosphere to the trends of the modern age. Perfect combination.