Belgrade housewives

If it was easy to be a housewife, everyone would cook lunch

Friday 25th of May 2018

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Get up to the first alarm. Have your morning routine. Get dressed. Decently - do not grab the first thing you see. Have a healthy breakfast. Set off on time. Have a smile on your face. Catch a "green wave". Make your way through the crowd. Do not be late. Do not forget to stop by the store. It is time for lunch. What lunch? What to do when in an eternal fight - job vs. "women's work", a career wins the battle?

Modern capitalism has abolished the choice of either house or work. Both are required. And on the highest level. Women really have superpowers and manage to do incredible things 24/7 but ... Here it comes the famous "but" which sabotages plans. The answer to the question how to achieve everything planned in a single day do not have even the managers of an organization. It is very good to live in the capital of Serbia because there are plenty of choices and opportunities.

Long live restaurants in Belgrade! Thanks to the modern trends, it is no longer big disgrace not to have cooked lunch in the house every day. Let a busy schedule of obligations wait. It is time for real enjoyment in nature. Restaurants near the river are the right place for relaxation. Lunch on the river is not just meeting the basic needs but the pleasure that makes the day better. Full relaxation is provided by numerous boat-based restaurants on the Sava and the Danube.

Zemun Quay is an internationally known location because of the boat-based restaurants that are here. You can be as picky as you like, here, all cuisines of the world swing to the rhythm of the Danube. Breakfast, lunch, dinner - you are welcome at any time. The pride of the New Belgrade blocks - Sava Quay, is not legging behind in the race for hedonism and gastronomy on the river. It is just a question of which river is right for you.

Ada Ciganlija is special in many ways. If you choose to stay at the "Belgrade Sea" during working days, you will be able to choose a table in the restaurants. Also, it is less crowded on the recreation tracks. Hidden, yet exquisite, Ada Huja is a nature reserve with a rich offer for a quality time away from the city crowd.

Housewives, both singles and taken, do not worry if you do not have lunch. It is not even the end of the world if "just a little" more dust accumulates. Dazzling smile is more important than the shining house, after all, every problem has a solution. Belgrade is a city of enjoyment. So, slow down the daily rhythm and indulge yourself in the unique capital.