Good morning! Coffee or tea?

The best script for the beginning of a day - favourite drink at perfect place

Friday 10th of August 2018

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Tea at 35 degrees outside? Some people will think there is something wrong. And what about ice tea without sugar? The smile is already there. Real tea, without aroma, artificial colours and supplements from the best ingredients, full of fruit flavour. You do not have to "chase" your grandmothers and tea experts to pick and dry the plants for you. Just come to the Small Tree - Salon de The. Everything is ready for you. At the highest level.

A very special tea house in Vracar is hidden among the trees and the buildings. A completely different space creates great enjoyment and charms at the first encounter. There is no rush at a place where everything is about tea. That is why it has everything that is defined as a tangible paradise. Offer of tea is endless. When, if not now, to discover cold versions of healthy flavours? Ice teas Pina Colada, Samurai, Detox Green, Belgrade Sun, Fuji and Tropical Night make you cool and happy. Believe us.

A cup of knowledge is served to every guest. Smart, young ladies will introduce you to the history of the creation of cold tea (believe it or not, it has existed since 1904), recommend ideal refreshment and unselfishly share the best recipes for preparing tea. There are also selected vegan and classic cakes as well as coffee and healthy juices. However, this is just the beginning of a huge amount of kindness and quality. Plus, there is a view of the Temple of Saint Sava from the garden. Idyll that only Belgrade has.

Coffee and only coffee are the only option for waking up. During the summer, morning rituals in the company of the best caffeine are the most beautiful in a garden. And if you do not have to travel for your dose of waking up, the perfect day can start. Coffee, Tea & Sympathy is right there, where is convenient for everyone. In the center of the center. At the top of the Balkanska Street, just below Terazije's fountain. Literally a step away from everything, but totally hidden from curious views and noise.

The empire of coffee is preparing everything you can imagine. Espresso, instant, filter and other representatives of famous drink arrive immediately. An interior that removes boredom, a view of the city and a great atmosphere become less important when coffee comes on the table.

Full flavour and strong aroma win over even the best informed about the iconic drink. There is no dissatisfied guest. But there are a lot of praiseworthy comments and regular guests. When you want to rest from coffee, you can order plazma shake with sour cherry and ice cream. You will have a new reason for coming to a great bar. Fantastic salty and sweet snacks will absolutely conquer you. Already at the first bite.