Ideal restaurants for winter time

Cold weather is perfect for visiting famous places in Belgrade

Thursday 4th of January 2018

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Low temperatures slow down everyday activities but leave more time for socializing with food and drink. The period when Belgrade has the most foreign guests and when every day is a reason for celebration is ideal for going to a restaurant that knows how to meet demanding expectations and creates atmosphere that makes everyone feel special.

Winter time requires "stronger" food portions. The full taste of quality meat gives energy that everyone needs. The Lovac restaurant has existed since 1963 and knows exactly what it takes to enjoy the winter idyll. Traditional place where people go primarily due to the fantastic specialties of the game meat. Venison medallions on grilled palenta (a kind of maize porridge) with dried fruit will provide satisfaction to fine palate and fulfill the highest standards of gastronomy. Srneca ledja is a real cake for the end of enjoying hunting stories and even better catches.

Toro Latin GastroBar is known for its "small plates" of various flavours. An ideal way to explore Latin tastes and find your favourite. Latin America is known across the world for the perfect meat preparation. If a quality steak is always your favourite, this place will become your second home. In addition to meat lovers, vegans and vegetarians, as well as people allergic to gluten, can enjoy here equally. No one will remain hungry.

The restaurant Orasac is the guardian of recognizable Serbian hospitality and food that is widely known. Traditional specialties are the most popular food during the winter. Homemade sarma (cabbage rolls) is better than anything else, and grilled specialties cause a wide smile. Over and over again. Always leave room for orasnice (walnuts dessert).

Tri sesira in Skadarlija is a restaurant that many tourists come to Belgrade for. When a long history of existence, perfect service and top-quality specialties combine, you get a place where you always come back to. One of the oldest taverns in Belgrade is preparing Karadjordje's steak by the right recipe. The specialty "Miloseva sablja" will disarm the most demanding ones. When you thought that is it, homemade apple pie will delight you.

Careva cuprija cherishes catering services that insist on comfort and large portions. The interior, dominated by the Bordeaux colour, relaxes and gives a solemn note. A historically important building is a restaurant that is visited by representatives of domestic and foreign elite. The legendary Steak tartare is prepared in the proper way - the waiter mixes the meat in front of you. Lovers of sea and river fish will have a difficult task choosing because the offer is atypical for a restaurant that is not exclusively fish restaurant.

When it comes to veal under the bell, the first association is the Durmitor restaurant. The pride of nutritious hedonism of Novi Beograd has gained fame on quality meat of proven origin. For those not attracted by hot lamb or veal, there is the Sumadijska tepsija specialty. More than a hundred wines in regular offer additionally reinforce the feeling that this is an ideal place for lovers of good food and beverages.