One word - barbecue

Serbian delicacy number 1

Friday 14th of September 2018

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People can talk about food forever. The rich Belgrade offer of tastes opens up topics for conversations over and over again. Fifteen minutes of fame gets every international cuisine on the local court. That is why Belgrade is a special metropolis. When every innovation is tasted, domestic production takes the "prime time" again. This autumn, the main role has a really good barbecue.

Eating perfect game meat in the restaurant Lovac is not novelty but a matter of general information. However, it is not every day perfect for a venison fillet or duck meat. But it is for ribs, shish kebab, and especially for the whole "Cumur na stolu" (Charcoal on the table). You + 1 and the magic begins. Gourmand burgers, chicken fillet in bacon, smoked pork, steak, homemade sausages, pork tenderloin medallions in bacon and kebab are in one portion of mixed meat the hunting way. There is no delay to visit the famous place in Vracar. Just get hungry well before you go there.

History. The past. The future. Skadarlija and the legendary restaurant Sesir moj. A unique place in the Bohemian district knows exactly what the local and foreign audience wants. All at one address. Both food and drinks. Both atmosphere and music. One of the youngest restaurants in Skadarlija attracts attention at first sight with its interior. As soon as you are comfortable, you will find a great local cuisine. The autumn menu is already ready and offers six great dishes. Homemade smoked sausage with aromatic potatoes, prepared over the best quality charcoal without dust is a novelty, a portion of happiness which simply has to be tested.

A new place for old habits. Karavan Express. The catering offer in Novi Beograd, like the municipality itself, is continuously developing and "stealing" popularity of restaurants on the other side of the river. A modern, yet relaxed place, dedicated to all generations, devotes special attention to barbecue specialties. Juicy drumstick on the grill, leskovacki ustipci (Leskovac's doughnut-like fried dough balls), beef and chicken shish kebabs, kebabs, burgers and much more is prepared every day. Taste innovations from the Novi Beograd's gastronomic scene and enjoy since the first bite.