New Year's tourist guide

What you need to visit in Belgrade if you are coming for the New Year's Eve

Tuesday 27th of November 2018

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Belgrade is already ready for New Year's Eve 2019. Especially the city center because it shines like never before. The period of New Year's holidays is very attractive for coming to the capital of Serbia, regardless of whether it is your first or hundred and first visit. Tourists, be sure to read a short guide with which you will not miss the great entertainment in Belgrade style.

Cold weather is not really for long walks in nature. That is why you should leave Kalemegdan for warmer time of the year to visit. It is not pleasant to stand in front of numerous monuments while typical Belgrade Kosava wind is blowing. Every history guard deserves attention and a certain time to get to know each other. Forget this time about exploring Belgrade Fortress and its surroundings, focus on Knez Mihailova Street, Terazije and Slavija. A walk in the city center is unreal during festive days.

If you have already reached Slavija, go on to the Saint Sava Temple. A magnificent building will delight you. Only not informed tourist did not visit this impressive building and the biggest religious building in Belgrade. After visiting the Temple, it would be great to continue walking through Vracar. Small streets, bars like French bistros and nice restaurants. It is all there. The Nikola Tesla Museum is also located in Vracar. For this walk you need a few hours.

A souvenir to remember your trip to Belgrade will be easy to find in modern shopping centers and boutiques across pedestrian zones. Shopping tourists will enjoy traditional New Year's holiday's sales. Do you want something homemade? Original "handmade" products are waiting for you at city markets. Rakija (brandy), ajvar, hand knitted sweaters, sajkaca (Serbian national hat or cap) or woolen socks are more than ideal souvenirs.

New Year's Eve is for many people synonym for joy, food and music. All this plus traditional Serbian hospitality is imposed along the entire Skadarlija. Bohemian district where only the rules of true hedonism are applied is a place where you will not miss the New Year's euphoria but in an old bohemian way. Without haste. Without that unpleasant feeling that you are "surplus" if you finished your meal and you did not leave the restaurant immediately. Everything is relaxed here. The longer you stay in Skadarska Street, the feeling is getting better. There is no restaurant that will not accommodate you at the highest level. If you decide to welcome the New Year 2019 here, get ready for congratulations, kissing and hugging with everyone. You will experience great experience and feel the typical Serbian affection and kindness.

If you stay in Belgrade for more than two or three days, you have time for even better sightseeing. It depends primarily on your interests how the additional list of what to see in Belgrade will look like. Make sure to use the city map for precise guidance. Pack a good mood, a little bit of patience, because the crowds at this time of the year are normal, and indulge in spectacular metropolis. It will win you over forever. 100%.