72 hours in Belgrade

Three days in the capital. Three nights in an authentic European metropolis. With the best guide, you will experience an unforgettable trip

Tuesday 16th of July 2019

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Welcome to Belgrade. Good wishes can be heard anywhere but true hospitality is rarely felt. The affection of Serbia and its people is what you will surely bring as a memory. A great atmosphere will be right next to an authentic hospitality. You do not believe? Come and see for yourself. Live.

What to do for 24 hours in Belgrade is known. It is no secret how to spend 48 hours on the territory of the capital. Wise travelers often book three days for the sightseeing of the capital of Serbia. Here is what you should not miss during a short trip.

Belgrade is a fusion of new and old. It has typical urban and completely natural features. The spirit of old times is constantly intertwined with modern trends. If you are a member of the mainstream, enjoy the central locations. Vracar is ideal. Charming small streets, city bustle and countless sights will impress you. In case you think that trip equals shopping, look for your shopping zone in Belgrade. Leave enough space in the suitcase for souvenirs and new things. You will need extra luggage. Take our word for it.

You are a fit traveler and exploring Belgrade has not tired you yet. You want to find out where the Belgraders are relaxing. Perfect. Destination number one is Ada Ciganlija. The Belgrade Sea is the most visited zone during spring and summer. The decorated natural environment and numerous facilities for sport and recreation at your disposal are the reasons for coming here even during the cold days.

Being in Belgrade and not visiting the symbol of the city is a real tourist debacle. It is true, there are symbols galore here, but there is only one Avala Tower. The highest construction causes the greatest enthusiasm. The entire city plus surroundings in front of you. Simply, you have to see this. Take enough time to briefly leave the central locations. You will not regret it.